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Advertising & Marketing

The TAKE 5 OIL CHANGE head office has invested considerable dollars in developing methods for attracting customers to your shop. We are committed to building a Brand that stands out in the customer's mind when they think of our type of services. In addition to a complete Grand Opening package to launch your facility, our marketing binder will supply you with numerous methods to develop new business and raise your profile in the community. Owning a TAKE 5 OIL CHANGE store allows you to be in business by yourself, while benefiting from the support, marketing and promotional expertise of the TAKE 5 OIL CHANGE team.


We are committed to staying on top of the trends, preferences and changes that affect our industry. In addition to having top research information from our product supply partners, we also conduct or own existing customer and community research. This insures we are making the right decisions ahead of when they are most crucial.

Advertising Committee

As a franchisee you may be asked for your participation from time to time. One way to provide that is by getting involved as a member of the advertising committee. Each year a franchisee will be selected to this post to act as the voice of other franchisees. In this capacity the franchise group as a whole has input into the advertising and marketing program for the year.

Community Marketing

A TAKE 5 OIL CHANGE store is not just a business dropped into a community; we plan to become a member of that community. In addition to supporting local charities, we have devised ways for charities to actually raise funds. A successful business is most always the result of recognizing that success is a two-way street. We subscribe to that philosophy in dealing with our staff members, suppliers and the community at large.

Point of Purchase Supplies

In concert with our lubricant suppliers, we are committed to supplying you with durable attractive point-of-purchase marketing materials. Their promotional signage is not only effective and professional it is always affordable. This valuable resource is available to you 24/365 online at a secure web site.

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