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Support Systems

The quick oil change business is one that has benefited immensely from systemization. We have automated almost all aspects of our business, allowing you to focus on the few areas that really allow your store to progress. You are never alone. We are with you every step of the way in helping you to operate and grow your business.

A few of the tools that will help in growing your business are listed below:

Operations Support

Our operations team is interested in helping you organize your business from the 'basement to the roof'. We say that, because what goes on under a customer's car is the backbone of our system and critical to your success.

Our operations team is available to help you fine-tune your store operations when you need it. A comprehensive Management/Employee operations manual is always at your fingertips.

Point Of Sale System

As a franchisee under our umbrella, you will have one of the most user friendly and 'information rich' point-of sale terminals in the industry. Our systems will not only keep track of your customers, their spending habits and personal preferences, it will also give you vital information on how to improve your advertising and marketing. Our program is easy to use, and you will soon become an expert at reading the many reports available to the operator.


As a franchisee, access to up to date information on our franchisee bulletin board. Our Corporate web site also lists you as one of our operators and provides information on how to get to your store. As mentioned, the TAKE 5 OIL CHANGE Operations Manual is provided to you in printed form, or online at our secure franchisee web site. Specials, tips and good driving information will be easy to find on our web site for our interested customers as well.

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