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Advertising & Marketing

Training & Development

If selected a candidate for a franchise, you will train in one of our successful corporate stores. The balance of your training will be at head office where experienced trainers (who can empathize with your new project) take over and get you ready for your launch. By the time the opening ribbon is cut, you will be confidently looking forward to operating your centre.

In Store Training

We believe in hands-on-training and job shadowing, and you will receive two weeks initial training at a store level. You are not alone. Previous to your Grand Opening, you will have a lot to consider. Many procedures will be new to new to you and, if left alone, could become overwhelming.

We recognize this and place one of our more experienced trainers with you to get you completely familiar with our systems. By the time you are ready to open, you will feel confident that you have the competence.

Head Office Training

During in store training, you become familiar with the day to day procedures for operating your business. Head Office training will give you help in the 'people part' of your business. Understanding cash flow, planning schedules and related human resources training are integral parts of your head office instruction experience. TAKE 5 OIL CHANGE is in the oil change business, but our people practices are what make our locations run. Our job is to give you the training tools to help you help your people become better at what they do.

Partner Training

From time to time our lubricant partners bring us new ideas and promotions. At TAKE 5 OIL CHANGE we welcome their valuable input. You will also get to know these partners, and also welcome their ideas in helping your business grow. Their entire interests are to see you become a success.

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