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Non-Profit Groups Sponsorship Program

Take 5 Oil Change Is Committed To Local Communities, And It Shows!

Use any of our services and have the tax (13%) donated to a local sports program, school, or charity of your choice. What we need from you to set up the account:

(remember: a team, school, or charity only needs to be registered once for our program. Check with your local Take 5 Oil Change to see if your organization of choice has been registered.)

For Schools:

  • A letter with the school’s information (name, location, etc.) on school letterhead
  • The main school contact’s name and phone number
  • Who the cheque will be made payable to

For Charities And Other Organizations:

  • A letter with the organization’s information (name, location, type of organization, activities, etc.)
  • The organization’s main contact’s name and phone number
  • Who the cheque will be made payable to

How The Program Works:

Once we have your team, school, or organization set up using the information listed above they will be entered into Take 5’s computer system.

After that, all that any customer needs to do is indicate that they would like a portion of their bill to go toward a given team, school, or organization when they come in for service. A portion of that bill will automatically go under the proper account.

The customer’s service history and personal information is not recorded in the program recipient’s file. Only the dollar amount is forwarded for accounting purposes.

At the end of each month, Take 5 Oil Change tallies all the purchases for which customers have said they want a portion to go to each program recipient. Take 5 donates 13% of those purchases directly to the recipient.

In the case of sports teams, the program will last the length of the season. At the end of the season the option for a new contract will be available for the same team and/or the new team your child plays for.

Tell your friends! The Take 5 Oil Change Community Sponsorship Program is a great way for anyone to donate to a local cause without spending a penny extra!

Thank you very much for your business. We hope we can play a big role in cutting the high costs of operating and participating in these essential local sports programs and school programs, and contribute to much-needed local charities and organizations.

Here are some examples of how much a typical family will contribute to their local sports programs, schools, and charities without spending a penny extra by participating in Take 5 Oil Change’s Community Sponsorship Program:

For Sports Teams:

  • A letter with all the team’s information (coach, league, etc.) on letterhead
  • The main team contact’s name and phone number
  • Who the cheque will be made payable to
  • The start and end date of your team’s season