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TAKE 5 Oil Change Services

When it comes to trouble free car care, few things are as important as fluids and engine oil. Bringing your vehicle in to TAKE 5 OIL CHANGE regularly will give your car better mileage and a longer life. Plus it will save you money by lowering your costs.

Help your car run smoother, longer, and more economically with preventative vehicle maintenance.

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Vehicle Inspection - This will open the TAKE 5 Vehicle Inspection Service page.
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Vehicle Inspection

Take 5 Oil Change provides a complete detailed inspection, checking vital fluid levels and vehicle components. This includes engine coolant level, serpentine belt, head and taillights, exhaust system, and more.

Engine Air Filter - This will open the TAKE 5 Engine Air Filter Service page.
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Engine Air Filter

Prevents harmful debris from entering your engine, cleans the air entering your engine, clean air burns the best.

Cabin Air Filter - This will open the TAKE 5 Cabin Air Filter Service page.
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Cabin Air Filter

Cleans the air in the passenger compartment, filters pollen and debris from the air you breathe.

Coolant Services - This will open the TAKE 5 Coolant Services Service page.
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Coolant Services

Replacing engine coolant prevents overheating and helps rejuvenate seals and prevents leaks.

Transmission Service - This will open the TAKE 5 Transmission Service Service page.
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Transmission Service

Clean trans-fluid lubricates moving parts, dissipates heat and helps prevent wear and breakdown.

Wiper Blades - This will open the TAKE 5 Wiper Blades Service page.
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Wiper Blades

They are crucial to your safety, we install most makes and models and have a selection of specialty OEM blades.

Seasonal Tire Change Over - This will open the TAKE 5 Seasonal Tire Change Over Service page.
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Seasonal Tire Change Over

Visit us and be ready for the season, no appointment required.

Power Steering - This will open the TAKE 5 Power Steering Service page.
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Power Steering

Replacing power steering fluid helps prevent wear to the components by reducing heat and friction.

Undercoating - This will open the TAKE 5 Undercoating Service page.
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Our signature formula is designed to soak into the sheet metal while pushing the moisture out preventing rust from forming. For best results, apply twice a year.

Light Bulb Replacement - This will open the TAKE 5 Light Bulb Replacement Service page.
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Light Bulb Replacement

We carry most bulbs and can normally replace these in just a few minutes.

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